Nespresso Original Vs Nespresso Vertuo

Recently, Nespresso introduced its Vertuo line of coffee makers in the UK. Unlike typical Nespresso machines, these devices utilize a different type and size of coffee pod. Which is the ideal?

Nespresso Original Versus Nespresso Virtuo: What’s The Difference?

Below are a few points of comparison for you to consider before deciding which Nespresso model you should buy:

1.    Pod

With an original pod you can make espresso, double espresso or add water for an Americano. Vertuo coffee pods include unique barcodes that contain instructions for how each coffee should be extracted.

2.    Milk

One of the significant differences between these two configurations is that Nespresso Original does provide machines that will handle the milk, like the automated Lattissima in this setup, but none of the Vertuo models do.

3.    Size

Larger drinks can be just as potent as smaller ones thanks to the three various sizes of Nespresso Vertuo capsules. The only size of Nespresso Original Pods is for making espresso, double espresso, or a lungo. You can permanently change the drink size on both machines to suit your preferences. Nespresso Original can produce 25ml ristretto, 40ml espresso, 110ml lungo. Nespresso Vertuo can produce 40ml espresso, 150ml gran lungo, 237ml mug, 414ml giant mug (Alto).

4.    Quality

Some claim that the crema produced by the Vertuo Nespresso capsules is thicker, and maybe that is true, but since the crema is primarily made up of air from the spinning process, it dissipates practically instantly. Personally, many people would not be impressed by that because They’d rather have a better cup of coffee than taller coffee froth. You can get a lovely crema on top of your coffee using either the Original or Vertuo machines.

5.    Stronger

Nespresso Original and  Nespresso Vertuo use the exact same amount of pressure to extract coffee. Another important topic is brewing pressure because it contributes to a creamier coffee.

6.    Temperature

The Vertuo line of coffee makers makes coffee at a slightly lower temperature. Any coffee that is brewed at a temperature other than volcanic may not be as enjoyable.

Pros And Cons Of Nespresso Original Machines

●       There is a larger selection of coffee makers and more affordable options.●       Greater variety of coffee brands and flavours to sample●       Third-party capsules are affordable and compostable. ●       The maximum drink size is 110 ml, or around half of a standard mug, though you can top it off.

Pros And Cons Of Nespresso Virtuo Machines

●       May use a single machine to generate both longer and stronger filter-style coffees and espressos.●       To suit the particular coffee you are producing, the barcode system modifies the temperature, length, and brewing time. ●       A small selection of devices and expensive entry levels●       In capsules with the Nespresso trademark.●       The size of capsules is substantially larger. 

Which Is Better Nespresso Original Or Nespresso Vertuo?

If you want a machine for espresso or drinks that contain espresso, in my view, you should choose a Nespresso Original model. Buy a Vertuo machine if you prefer coffee and want the option of preparing both coffee and espresso from the same appliance.

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